Wyrd of Verðandi

Wyrd of Verðandi is an online magazine dedicated to community and organization news, faith-based articles, and much more. The magazine will focus on informing, educating, and connecting readers. It’s scheduled to be released 4 times a year—every 3 months.


Submissions are handled by public relations. Submissions are open to all members, regardless of age. However, we have several requirements:

  • Only original content is accepted
  • Your submission must be polished and ready for publication
  • You must give credit to any outside sources
  • Your content cannot be racist or separatist in nature.

Every submission must come with a release form authorizing IAF usage of your work. You’re given credit for your work and maintain rights to it. To credit you properly, we’ll need your publishing name and a brief about yourself. If you maintain a professional presence on social media, you can send us your links.

We understand that everyone changes their minds. However, we cannot unpublish your work after release. We can remove it and reissue the magazine, but a copy of your work will always exist in association with our organization.

Content Type and Word Limit

We accept the following types of articles for Wyrd of Verðandi:

  • Perspective
  • Research
  • Interviews
  • Correspondence
  • Commentary
  • Media Review
  • Event Reporting
  • Announcements

The word limit for each submission varies as follows:

  • Featured Articles—1300 to 30,000
  • Perspective—5000
  • Correspondance—2000
  • Event Reporting—2400
  • Media Review—Minimum of 1000, not to exceed 2000
  • Interview—4000

Other Works

Any other works are published to the Wyrd of Verðandi blog. We post everything from home and garden to children’s stories and comics. Same submission procedure applies.


Wyrd of Verðandi is available online for download. You can also have it sent to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. 

A printed version is available for purchase.


Members receive a digital version of Wyrd of Verðandi for free. Non-members pay a small fee to download a digital copy.

The printed version is available for purchase for everyone. Members are not provided a free copy.