These programs are an important part of our organization. Some support the community and others are focused on giving back. Our programs are aimed to accomplish goals set by the organization. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering, please click here.

Here are the active programs:

Roots of Yggdrasil

Roots of Yggdrasil is a private social media network open to adult members. It’s a safe, secure place for members to connect.

Frith of the Bifrost

Frith of the Bifrost is a directory of current IAF kindreds. We operate at the kindred level with few online operations.

Partner Program

We partner with heathen-run or heathen-themed businesses to market them to a wider audience. We do ask a few favors in return, though.

The Althing

We host an annual gathering for IAF kindreds to gather, socialize and weigh in on community decisions.

Odin’s Eye

Odin’s Eye is a weekly podcast released every Wednesday on Z Talk Radio. We discuss heathen-related topics such as Asatru 101 and runes.

Kappi Fulltrúi

Vargrar of Midgard is an outreach program for veterans in need. We’re working to partner with professionals to provide PTSD support, annual retreats and assistance.

Some of our programs are under development. We’ll keep you updated on their release status, but here is a list of them:

Wyrd of Verðandi

We’re going to have an online publication to keep our members and the public updated on heathen related news, organization developments and more.

The Halls of Mimir

We’re working on developing a clergy training program with accredited courses such as crisis intervention, counseling and more. It will be a year long course.