Ken Jones

Ken Jones, High Drighton

My name is Ken Jones, I have been a Norse Pagan for many years. I have a beautiful wife and 7 kids. My family is from Sweden and Norway. I am 2nd generation American.

I am the Drighton for The International Asatru Foundation. I have seen the best and worst of mankind for I am a Police Officer and a Marine.

I have lived by the Gods/Godesses for the past 10 years of my life. I have seen first hand what they can do.

I have a Degree in Theology and I openly stamp out racism when I see it. I am a part of the Declaration 127 movement……I judge nobody on what they believe, for everyone has a right to their own beliefs.

I have two words of wisdom I’d like to pass on..

A man lives and dies by his reputation, integrity is everything and if you can’t be open about who you are, then you have no place judging others for who they are.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. —Gandhi