Kappi Fulltrúi

Our veterans outreach program is built and operated by veterans. We’re working with professionals and charities to provide support programs, retreats and more. 

Kappi Fulltrúi is a mentorship program for warriors and their families. It’s a faith based program aimed to help promote positive, encouraging choices and stress relieving outlets. It will teach living the heathen lifestyle through house blots, sumbols, and all manner of Asatru-based practices.

Our mentorship program is a starting point to help warriors address some of the unique challenges that face them in day to day life. These challenges include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Struggles of daily military life
  • Combat deployments
  • Symptoms of PTSD
  • Suicide

It teaches them how to identify and deal with these challenges, which might have been limiting their personal success. It’s a non-critical, confidential, and open environment that fosters camaraderie. Utilizing peer leadership, warriors find common ground through shared experiences and understanding that allow greater growth and recovery.

The program helps warriors discover the truth about heathen values and ethics to help them develop their character as leaders. It equips them to fight through life’s challenges and help them discover their purpose for moving forward.


Life is difficult for a warrior’s family. Families walk hand-in-hand with their warriors to face problems that are difficult to relate to. At any moment, their loved ones could be taken from them. Whether their warriors are at home or on the battlefield, the cost of freedom is real for them.

Our mentorship program helps families face challenges unique to military families. These challenges include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Military-related injuries
  • Substance abuse
  • PTSD
  • Divorce
  • Stresses of long deployments

The program teaches families to utilize the pillars of resiliency to confront and cope with their challenges. Our goal is to nurture a positive, safe, and open environment to facilitate family healing.

Dedicated Mentorship

After attending our program, warriors face a hard journey. While our program gives them tools to face that journey, we also provide a dedicated mentor to provide support and resources to ensure that no warrior feels alone.

Our dedicated mentors are warriors. Many of them went through our program themselves. Upon completing the program, warriors can volunteer to help others like them.

Enrolling in the Kappi Fulltrúi Program

Volunteering for a position with the program is open to members only. All veterans are invited to enroll in the program, though. Contact Jonathan McCoy, vice president: 


Stay Tuned

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