The International Asatru Foundation is a religoius organization dedicated to the revival and practice of Germanic Paganism. We build kindred networks, share knoweldge and gather in pursuit of common goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, revive and demonstrate the practice of Germanic Paganism as honored by the Germanic tribes that founded Europe.

What We Do

We provide resources for kindreds to practice their faith with ease and comfort. We work together to educate the public on what our faith is and is not.

Who We Are

We’re an organization of practicing heathens from many walks of life with the sole mission to revive and practice Germanic Paganism.

Our Community

Much like our ancestors that came before us, we are an egalitarian community based on indivitual merit. We do not support or condone racial separatism, white supremecy or white nationalism as these practices dishonor those that came before us and those that will follow.

We honor our ancestors and our posterity by inviting all to join our organization as equals.

Meet the Board

Our dedicated team of board directors makes sure that everything runs smoothly and legally. Learn more about them:

More about IAF

If you’re curious about a topic not discussed on our site, please feel free to contact any of our board members for help.