The International Asatru Foundation is an organization dedicated to the preservation, growth and advancement of Germanic Paganism. We build networks, share knowledge, and gather in pursuit of common goals. We, as an organization, operate at the kindred level. We encourage you to explore and ask us questions.

Our Vision

Our organization has a simple vision:

Heathens from every walk of life work together for a common goal: the revival and continued practice of Germanic Paganism for everyone worldwide.

What We’re Doing

We strive for a better understanding between different paths of Germanic Paganism. We educate the public about our faith. We gather to share knowledge, build reputable resources for learning and work towards common goals set by the community.

What We’re Not Doing

Everyone is free to walk their path as he/she wills. We’re not a governing body dictating how to honor the Holy Powers. If you’re within the law and just morals, we will respect your ways.